Anyone have a good in-wall hardware switch?

I’m looking for any switch that can be used with HA and can fit in an existing electrical box (single gang or otherwise). Basically it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have to control a load; I just want to use it as a control button into HA. I’m sure it’s a common scenario: you want to keep power going to a fan or light and control it via HA, but you also want to leave a physical switch in place.

I see there are lots of people working with Sonoffs, but despite my general handiness and comfortability hacking (I stare at Python all day) I really don’t want to get a bunch of hardware, re-flash it, do some soldering, and toss this all in a bunch of electrical boxes; it’s a bit past my threshold of DIY-ness. A ZWave scene controller would work, but it looks it’s not yet implemented in the OZW library. I even considered putting in a ZWave switch (of which I have a number laying around) and not wiring up the load terminal. However a switch with an active terminal and nothing connected doesn’t sit well with me.

Is there really nothing else out there?

Actually, this GoControl WA00Z might be close to what I’m looking for. Anyone have any experience with it in HA? Searching the forum seems to only pull up a couple vague posts.

Zwave and Insteon are the best in wall switches in my opinion (and I like the Insteon switches a lot more than the zwave ones that I have). There is nothing wrong with a load wire not connected to anything. Put a wire nut on it and wrap that in electrical tape and it’s perfectly safe.

I had good success with the GE switches…