Anyone have any luck getting the heltec wifi 32 v3 running and displaying things

all i can get running is a bunch of errors i have this in the captive portal

  sda: GPIO17
  scl: GPIO18

  platform: ssd1306_i2c
  model: "SSD1306 128x64"
  address: 0x3C
  update_interval: 5s 

the error logs says basically the display isnt working…
and i cant find very much info on these particular devices

[18:43:00][E][i2c.arduino:199]: Recovery failed: SCL is held LOW on the I2C bus

also has anyone tried using bard for coding, pin lookup, errors, ect.
it has helped a few times

Well, that error typically says you have your wiring wrong (SCL pin is grounded)…
I also saw this on fried components, though

its brand new and if i upload the heltec demo firmware to it it works fine i know my code is flawed so im really wondering if anyone can write a captive portal that works better then my trash lol