Anyone in the UK who can recommend Zigbee Smartplugs with energy monitoring

Should be 13amp, but 16 amp even better. Really trying to phase out my TP Link Kasa KP115 ones. They are great but at least once a month one goes down. The aforementioned 13amp, energy monitoring requirements seems a bit hard to find, at least in the UK.

I’m thinking about the Wiser ones, but i’m not sure if they do zigbee routing properly, or if they just work as one extender for the drayton wiser hub. I’d be happy to go with these as i would at least be investing in my future heating setup. Are ridiculously overpriced though.

I could go with an extender like the Tradfri but i really don’t want to loose a socket if i can help it, and the energy monitoring seems like a thing that you could easily add on top while your’re at it.

For now i got 2 of those SONOFF S26R2ZB control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT ones, but they don’t do energy monitoring. Might be good just as a router though.

I hear blitzwolf is good but i don’t see them anywhere except on Aliexpress and they don’t seem to ship to the UK.

Thanks for any tips!

I have a couple of Samsung 2019 plugs and I’m pretty sure that there 13amps.

They have power monitoring and have been flawlessly working with my dishwasher and washing machine for ages now

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If you dont mind waiting for 10days, I got this: UK Smart Plug Power Socket Switch ZigBee APP Control Timer for Alexa Google Home | eBay, 3for £22 when i bought them and they have been rock solid since. they are also a router .

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Please tell me your results. I got one yesterday just like this and it just keeps switching off. Paired already in zigbeemqtt, but so far i’m not impressed. But maybe i got a dud.

These look interesting, wasn’t aware they had them. Seem to report energy and power in zigbeemqtt as well. Bit overpriced but that’s to be expected from the bigger brands i guess. And i’m guessing it works fine as a zigbee router?


@atv , been using mine with ZHA for more than 6months now without a single problem.

Its used for bed warmer, fan etc

Interesting, maybe i got a fluke. Or maybe it’s zigbeemqtt who knows. They are wonderfully cheap though, i might pick up one to test.

Do they extend your zigbee mesh properly?

The Salus SP600 works well, and they have local control too.

Nice, i’ll look into that one too.
update great reviews on amazon, i think it will be between this one and the samsung one.

Thanks all , this has been really useful and i hope to others as well. Does anyone know if any adding these zigbee routers would be beneficial to a drayton wiser setup (they use their own extender plugs, with zigbee) so it would be good future investment as well ?

No, it won’t. Those will be two different Zigbee meshes.

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Hmm that’s a shame. But i guess it makes sensor from a vendor perspective. Guess i will just have to mix and match.

Yeah they act as a router :+1:

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