Anyone Install Home Assistant in Docker but have the config files stored on network share?

I have a Ubuntu Linux VM with a HA Docker container. But instead of saving the config directory on the VM I set the config directory as a directory on a network share. And I have some errors setting up logfile,history etc. Anyone running a setup like this? Just trying to see if its being done and if it is what am I missing. Im thinking its a home assistant trying to find a files that are now in a different place…just a guess.

If you have it on an NFS mount, the VM will think it’s a local mount and docker doesn’t care. If you point the config bind mount to the appropriate location, HA doesn’t know it’s on any different storage at all

technically speaking if you’re running in a docker and mapping your config directory to your “local” directory it is already technically “remote mounted” :smile:

hass nor docker will know or care if it’s on an NFS mount, samba mount, or anything else… someone want to get crazy and build out a GPFS system with me??? :smile:

@flamingm0e, @jeubanks Thats what I was thinking too but somehow it was throwing me some ugly errors once I got into the front-end. I see my files in the right place. I still have to do some more troubleshooting. It was late last night and I just left it alone lol .

If doing it over NFS it’s probably a root squash issue since hass in docker does everything as root. setup no_root_squash in your nfs export

thanks @jeubanks I’ll look into that as well in my troubleshooting.