Anyone know of a touchscreen light switch panel on the market?

I want to replace this with something like this. Any ideas?

Aeotec has something coming later this year or early next that is sort of like that. Still single gang devices but touch versus toggle. Legrand Adorne already has some touch ones; but no zwave…

I don’t know one as an out-of-the-box thing, but a Pi3 plus touchscreen running Floorplan with a design that matches is a technical solution.

HA Dashboard is another solution, and runs great on even the lowliest of dusty tablets / phones.

A Pi3 + touchscreen is still slender enough to wall-mount flush I reckon, and cases like the SmartiPi are a rugged and hinged solution where some bulkiness isn’t a concern:

One of my posts might be able to help where a rotary switch is needed: