Anyone know what error I’m getting here?

Seems like when this error that repeats goes on for a few days I have to reboot my Virtual Linux.

I’m using VirtualBox 64bit Linux. I have another home assistant at a different house and don’t get these errors but I set it up the same way.

I feel like these errors are the reason why I’m having issues?

looks like a cron-job for some back-up, as it says in clear-text

Try command crontab -l to check what you get in crontab.

I know nothing about this language. Any reason why it would back something up on one but not the other instance of home assistant?

I can attach the picture when it fails. This gives a different error. CPU related. If/when I see it I’ll ask again. Thanks.

I tried and it said something about every 15 min. But no details

It’s very clearly an addon you are running.
A quick google for backupall.php?docker=true shows that it is part of TasmoBackupV1:

And they are not errors. Just logs.

Ahhh. Ok. Thank you. Tasmobackup I’m def running.