Anyone knows if this Aubess Chinese smart switch can be integrated with HA?

I guys, I’m thinking about buy these smart switches from Alliexpress but I’m wondering if will be possible to integrate it with Home Assistant. Do you have any idea?

It uses eweLink and I think there is an integration for that.

I think the product is a bit weird though.

In the description it states things like this.

Humanized Intelligent Memory

Did they use human brain cells as ram or how is that understood?

And they continue with…

even if the power is off at home and the network is disconnected, the caller can continue to execute the set commands again

Not sure if they have invented a new wireless standard and it can provide power too or if they just mean the system will accept the commands and then just ignore them, because the device is off.

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Might have a MCU that is supported by esphome inside - otherwise I would just trash it.

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Since it’s ewelink and not made by sonoff, not sure if using esp or bl602.
You can still use sonofflan or flash with openbeken

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I agree with you that there are a lot of weird stuff :sweat_smile:, I’m trying to find a cheap smart switch to use, and I found these, but I’m not sure about nothing related with them, whether they are a reliable product or not.