Anyone seeing MySensors plattform not behaving?

Hi all,

since update to 0.40 I’m seeing the MySensors plattform not quite behaving. Some elements work with no issue (motion, temp) others just simple are not working (switches).

I’ve activated debug for both mysensors.mysensors & homeassistant.components.sensor.mysensors and as far as I can tell everything looks good:

17-03-26 11:02:41 DEBUG (Thread-13) [mysensors.mysensors] Received 0;255;3;0;14;Gateway startup complete.
17-03-26 11:02:51 DEBUG (Thread-13) [mysensors.mysensors] Sending 153;1;1;0;2;0
17-03-26 11:03:01 DEBUG (Thread-13) [mysensors.mysensors] Sending 153;1;1;0;2;1
17-03-26 11:03:33 DEBUG (Thread-13) [mysensors.mysensors] Sending 153;1;1;0;2;0
17-03-26 11:03:42 DEBUG (Thread-13) [mysensors.mysensors] Sending 153;1;1;0;2;1
17-03-26 11:03:59 DEBUG (Thread-13) [mysensors.mysensors] Sending 152;1;1;0;2;1
17-03-26 11:04:27 DEBUG (Thread-13) [mysensors.mysensors] Sending 152;1;1;0;2;0

Switch on / off commands are showing perfectly fine (IMO) but still not switching on/of the relay.

This has been working with no issue in previous versions. I moved from 0.37 to 0.40 directly and in 0.37 was working.

anyone experiencing the same issues?

i have upgraded from 0.28.2 to 0.40.0
everything works like it should here. (thank god)

maybe that @martinhjelmare can help with this.

Serial debug log from gateway and node might shed some light.

Yeah, I need to find some time and debug this further. Problem is, as always, find time.

Just wanted to check with the community if anyone else was seeing this issue.

Sounds to me it’s likely in my environment…


So, I spent big time this weekend on this.

What I’ve found is lot of NACK entries in the gateway when communicating with nodes (for example trying to switch off a relay).

So I created a new, secondary MySensors environment with a new gateway (and btw test the RPI gateway) and couple of simple relay nodes. All of it brand new.

Same issue, lot of NACK responses in the he lot with no entry on the node side.

Also very random behavior. Test round one, if you click on switching on a relay 4-5 times you get all NACK, on the 6th it goes and works. You try again the scenario and works on the 3-4 attempt.

I think I’m facing an interference issue more than anything else…

Could also be power issue. Make sure all radios have enough clean power with sufficient caps. In my experience mysensors 2.1.1 pushes the radio a lot more than 2.0 and earlier versions, with higher demands on caps and power.

Yeah, I thought about that too… But here’s the thing. When all this started I was still in 1.5.1. and I made no change on either GW nor nodes …

Anyway, feels to me like I need to revisit this part of the automation system and decide if I still want to invest time on it or jump to something like Xiaomi …

Thanks for the help!!

After updating to .42.1 mysensors is really odd again :confused:
The update/refresh interval (sensors like temp/hum and motion) is behaving odd, one rgb light is not responding at all once switched on/changed once on hass frontend. Need to go back to .41 unfourtantly.

What are you seeing in the logs? lot of NACK by any chance?


my mysensors network went strange too after last 0.42 update… dimmer lights strange behaviour :frowning:

My (mysensors) RGB lights don’t respond to HA commands, or respond once and them stop! I don’t see nothing strange in the logs. This started with the upgrade to 0.42.

Yeah seems to be like we all have the same issue :frowning:
I won’t be home for a few days so can’t run mysensors debug, but everything is fine when reverting to 0.41 for me

Please post debug log from home assistant and a serial log from a node which isn’t responding properly, captured in parallell.

Also good would be to know if it’s only lights that are affected and what gateway you all are using. Please update your respective posts with this info, ie what mysensors platforms you have devices for that aren’t behaving normally, and what gateway you are using.

Ok, I’ve found a bug, I’ll make a fix asap. This bug was introduced in 0.42, so any problems in earlier versions is not related.
Edit 2:
PR with fix:

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great! thank you Martin,

Is it integrated on 0.42.3 for testing??

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I have an issue with switches, but not with sensors. The issue is that it sometimes takes a long time to react to the switch press (like 4 seconds). But this is not a new problem, it is there at least since 0.36. The issue only happened when I moved to HA, so I don’t think it is an hardware issue.

No, my PR 7057 has been merged into dev branch, but point release 0.42.4 with which I’ve tagged my PR, hasn’t been released yet.

When you say [quote=“abmantis, post:15, topic:14432”]
switch press

do you mean press on the device, or in the home assistant GUI?

The physical switch on the mysensors node

I don’t have an explanation for that yet.

If it would have been in the GUI, ie a message from home assistant to the device, I would have an explanation. In this case I’ve also noticed delays for the serial gateway. It’s that the thread alternates between reading from the serial connection to the device and processing queued commands from home assistant. The timeout for reading the serial connection is 1 second, so if nothing is coming in during reading, the thread will wait for 1 second until it gets to processing the queue from home assistant.

It would be interesting to know what environment you are running. Have you tested with a minimal config, eg only homeassistant, http, frontend and mysensors components? Have you tested only running the gateway from a python prompt using pymysensors?

To track the problem down, we need to find a minimal setup that is able to reproduce the problem.