Anyone seen MagicHome & Harmony Hub interfere?


I’ve got a strip of the classic $27 direct-from-China MagicHome (flux_led) LEDs behind my TV. But I’ve noticed that when they’re already on, my Harmony Remote will interfere with them.

A short push on one of the Harmony Activity buttons is for “Play Xbox”. A long press on the same button is “Play Xbox Headphones”, which is the same, but it power-toggles my Vizio soundbar.

I like the LEDs at a light blue, about 50%. When I try to switch to Headphones mode, the soundbar won’t turn off and the LEDs go to a vivid gold at 100% brightness. It’s not an IP conflict, already checked that.

Anyone seen similar interference? Or should I start saving for a better quality of LED strip? There’s got to be something in between these junky things and the mega-pricey Philips strips.