Anyone seen this digital led string before?

A mate bought some ws2812 LEDs from Banggood. They accidently left this extra strip in the box which is a bit different. This has 2 digital inputs which both go the orange plug on the end along with GND. The 12v is supplied along the flylead.

I am trying to identify what model it could be. If you have seen it before let me known, Thanks.

WS2815 variant is my guess. 12V with backup data line version of the WS2812b. The DI2 (digital input 2) kind of indicates a second data channel, which really is a redundant channel incase an LED dies and takes out the primary data line.

These appear to be GS8208 which are a 12v RGB LED driver, they are compatible with WS2811 protocol thus should work with most WS2811/WS2812 controllers. Looking at the datasheet they seem to be very similar to WS2815 but in a SOIC-8 package like the WS2811 rather than a 5050 LED package like the WS2815.

WS2815 and as per the datasheet these GS8208 have the RGB LEDs wired in series between 12v and ground reducing current consumption by a lot!

The 2nd data line is a “backup” in case one of the LEDs/drivers die, the GS8202 will look for data on DI1 and if not found look for data on DI2 which is the input from the previous LED rather than the output.