Anyone succesfully connected IKEA SYMFONISK Gen2 using Conbee 2 Phoscon deCONZ?

I am wondering if anyone has successfully connected the SYMFONISK Gen 2 using Conbee 2 Phoscon, deCONZ, not ZHA?

I don’t use ZHA at the moment, but noticed people have them working in ZHA. A short attempt to add ZHA resulted in the adoption/migration of all my Zigbee devices by/to ZHA. As a result, I had two options:

  1. reconfigure HA to use the ZHA entities;
  2. restore a back-up.

The reason was because the old entities/devices where not responding anymore. I picked the last one and asked at their github what the status of the implementation is since there is a closed 'device request, but it’s not (let) listed at their supported device page. They pointed me to their forum, but there was nothing useful to find and I wasn’t able to create an account over there to ask.

If no one succeeded in pairing their SYMFONISK Gen2 using just Phoscon deCONZ and now-one happens to have any clue on when/if they are gone support it anytime soon, I am happy to give ZHA another try, but hopefully without huge reconfiguration work.

I have the gen2 remote working just fine with deCONZ and a Conbee 2, but I had to manually update its firmware to get all the buttons to work.

Also, I use both deCONZ and ZHA (with two different Conbee 2 radios) and devices that started on deCONZ now show up as both deCONZ and ZHA in the UI, but are actually only managed through ZHA.

:thinking: I cannot even get it paired/contacted. Do you remember if you used ZHA or phoscon to add it?

If I go to phoscon and try to add the IKEA switch, just nothing happens. When I have a bulb or outlet nearby, it pairs with that device and the Led turns red while doing so.

Before I return them, I am wondering if someone (who missed this topic earlier) managed to connected the SYMFONISK Gen 2 using Conbee 2 Phoscon (not ZHA). And if so, do you remember how cause it only seems to connect to a bulb and not the stick itself.

I’ve had no issues pairing but did not found any Blueprint for Deconz.

I’ve made one for my personal use: