Anyone tried this Tuya mmWave radar

Just found this, anyone tried it? Available in ZigBee and WiFi version

I find this picture pretty funny. The more you look, the more you see that’s wrong.

I just ordered and give it a try with ZigBee2mqtt, after setting external converter locally, it is working fine. Initial findings;

  • it is slow for initial acknowledgement, 2-3 seconds slower than aqara pir sensors
  • it has 1 minute cool down period
  • it is good at sensing the presence, as it is promised. Sensor is still on while standing still.
  • there are 4 exposed entities: presence, presence duration in minutes, absence duration in minutes and led switch

Test it in a room with a ceiling fan. That seems to be the issue with the aqra fp1 sensor that is similar to this one.
Set up
Walk into the room with the fan running
Presence is detected
walk out of the room
See if it marks you as away

This device sends the exposed 4 entities non-stop every 4 seconds (including the annoying LED configuration setting). Several of these things may congest your Zigbee network, so beware.

I have two of these ZigBee devices for just under €30 each that work very well, especially when used with another motion sensor to combine speed and detection while sitting.

My Sonoff Pro ZigBee stick with zigbee2mqtt didn’t recognise it, though. Does anyone know how it can be added directly to HA instead of via the Tuya integration? Is there a blueprint for it yet?

I’d love to make use of the LED by letting it flash when something happens. Any idea if that is possible? Certainly not via the Tuya integration…


you cannot control led’s state, you can just enable or disable it. It will be red or green depending on sensing presence

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Try this:

I’m sorry for the probably dumb question, but, does anyone know if I can use my xiaomi v3 hub with mode firmware to link this sensor?
I’ve already have Hue, xiaomi v3 and aqara M2 hubs in the house, desperate to avoid and other hub.
( yes, I’ve made poor decisions in the past as information was way to confusing back then :sweat_smile:)


I would not recommend to purchase this device.

It is huge in size, looks ugly, the LED is annoying, and has the worst performance when compared to any other mmWave sensors produced by Tuya or Aqara.


Wish I’d found this thread before I bought one :smiley:

Right now I am juggling several Radar-based human presence sensors, especially those including the device from the OP:
Are there in the meantime any experiences/recommendations for HA usage?

I am using the first one and happy with it. For instant response, you still need a PIR based one.

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