Anyone tried to install in a VM on truenas SCALE?

Just saw that they are coming out with a debian based version of truenas called truenas SCALE.

It uses KVM for VMs so I was curious if anyone had played with it yet and gotten home assistant installed on it in a VM. It’s still alpha, but functional from the little I have read about it.

I’m using it at home. Quite stable as NAS even in alpha status and 1-2 containers running fine. However no luck at all with VMs, I’m not even able to install a simple debian VM.

I’m also looking forward the project advances so I can move my VM in ESXI to TrueNas and have 1 single device.

Yeah going to keep my eye on it for sure. Right now I’m running proxmox and on that I have HassOS and truenas (core freebsd version) in VMs.
If SCALE works out the way you would expect it to I’d love to stick it on the bare metal and just run HassOS in a VM in that.

Are you running now homeassistant on Truenas Scale? Do you use the container or VM?

I am looking to replace my proxmox vm and have truenas scale running in a test/conversion environment. Ha is running in a vm because hassos is not available for a container. Truenas works well and seems to be faster. Moved to Truenas in order to also run Nextcloud, AgentDvr, Deepstake, and Photoprism in Docker containers. So far so good. It’s a work in process.