Anyone use UWB (ultra wide bandwidth) for room level presence detection?

Though it would be awesome if it’s going to be avialable on the next apple watch, there’s rumors the next iphone may have it, if it does, im picking up Decawave’s dev boards to try it out this fall

Someone posted a good guide on how to implement some python code on a rasberry pi, the last part would be to getting it working with IOS once/if they release it so that the tag is either the phone or watch. The biggest pitfall is that you have to have a “tag” and the one’s out there right now are to big

This would be a super fast way to detect what room your in almost instantaneously and accurate as fuck. Rasberry pi’s can also act as “gateways” which already have MQTT broker installed in the application which of course you can send to home-assistant

Just started do learn a little bit more about UWB, it looks promising, I would love to have a solution like that in my house, the BLE, GPS, WiFI combination aren’t enough. I saw something vaguely similar some time ago:

I don’t know if Apple will make it easy for us to use, even more nowadays that they are more and more concerned about privacy.

But let’s wait, theses boards from Decawave are cheap!

ESP32 UWB Module

  1. New UWB Module with ESP32 from Makerfabs are now available.

  2. Github source code software and hardware.

  3. Demo video on link no 1.


Makerfabs ESP32 UWB contains an ESP32 and a DW1000 chip.

The DW1000 is a single-chip wireless transceiver based on ultra-wideband technology. The chip enables you to develop cost-effective RTLS solutions that can pinpoint indoor and outdoor positioning to within 10 cm.

The chip provides a new approach to real-time location and indoor location systems, location-based services, wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things by providing accurate location awareness and communication.


  • Integrated ESP32 2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • DW1000 UWB module.

im so excited to wait for the integration with Home Assistant.


can this passively work with apple watch?

For what it’s worth, I’ve bought three ESP32 DW3000 from makerfabs.

While they technically could work with iPhones, it is not even remotely possible to use them for that purpose currently.

Neither Qorvo (who make the DW3000) nor Makerfabs have provided anything that even comes close to allowing interaction with an iPhone.

For one, the drivers for the DW3000 on ESP32 do not implement FiRa (the spec used for UWB on iPhones). Secondly, while I wouldn’t mind writing them myself, there is utterly no open source information on the expected configuration of the DW3000.

There’s a message sent by the accessory which contains configuration data and a response from the phone which exchange information that is only available, as far as I can tell, to Apple’s MFI partners.

Do not expect any open source products to allow presence detection using the UWB until Apple or Qorvo agree to open it up.

Shame on both of them, if I’m honest.


According to Qorvo, the DW3000 is FiRa capable and MFi compliant, and the exchange in question is the Nearby Interaction Application Protocol. I was able to download the specification from Apple without a fee.

I’d love to play with this a bit, and I’m going to buy a DW3000 to try it out, but I have WAY too many projects to build a usable feature… (library link at the bottom… have to give contact information and they e-mail you the code as a zip of zips)

Thanks for your post! It taught me all the acronyms that I needed to even know what to start looking for.

Hi Doe @Doe ,

I also just have a DW3000 with an ESP32 microcontroller, currently I’m looking for a setup configuration intended for ranging with 3 anchors and 1 tag. However I couldn’t find an accurate configuration, several articles I looked for said about antenna delay calibration, but I only found it for the DW1000. Do you have a program or source to calibrate the DW3000?

Theophilus Ezra

Adding information for the DW3000 devices that i used is ESP32 UWB DW3000 from Makerfabs