Anyone used Banana Pi / Pro?

Hi all,
Has anyone used Home Assistant / on the Banana Pi or Banana Pro single-board computers?
If so, what was your experience? Any tips to pass on?

There is a subject about it here:

I suppose you’ll have to try a manual install, no reason that it doesn’t work as long as python is available on the banana pi distrib (most likely to be the case).

Ah, Thanks @touliloup! I missed that!
I haven’t bought one yet, but wanted to know whether it’s possible before buying.

Actually they both come with Raspbian so it should not be an issue to run home-assistant.

For extension however, there is no guarantee. For example for ZigBee, RF, … or any USB dongle, I’m not sure all the driver will be available or working with the current home-assistant documentation (which is often only oriented for a Raspberry).