Anyone using a Gledopto Zigbee LED controller (with deCONZ)?

I’m looking to buy a set (WW LED strip & controller) that can be controlled over Zigbee.
I found a set that has a Gledopto GL-C-009.

Now I have seen that there are also Gledopto Pro series which have a better (shorter) response time as well the ability to have them further away from the coordinator.
Since I will use this in the same room as my coordinator, the distance is not an issue but I wonder if the response time with this non-pro controller will be an issue.

  1. Is anyone using this (or similar from that brand) controller and if so, what are your experiences?
  2. Anyone using a non-pro version and is there a (big) delay in switching on/off
  3. Do these controllers work (well) with deCONZ/Conbee II?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got a Gledopto GL-MC-001P which is a Pro controller, paired directly with Home Assistant via Conbee II. Picking up the lights via controller was super easy, identified and added without a hitch. As a plugged in to the mains device it also works as a ZigBee router.

I’ve got them working in an automation with a Hive motion sensor to turn on as a hall guide light between midnight and 0730, and they are fast enough to work for that. Switching on and off via dashboard is instant, as is voice control via Google / Alexa integration through Nabu Casa.

However…when the lights are powered on, you can configure the colour and the temperature, but the colorloop effect, while being listed in the effects, will not work, pressing it simply resets the light to cold white. Also, the temperature setting only allows for adjustment of white rather than all colours. Could be that these features are only available if the lights and controller are added via a Hue Bridge (as these are really designed as a functional alternative to buying Hue LED strips) but I don’t know that for sure as I don’t have a Hue Bridge to test with.


I just got one of these well the non pro version its sort of working i get the same thing when i choose color loop the brightness and on and off work however I cant change the colors. im using it in RGB mode, this is also my first zigbee device, any advise on how to get color controls?


Same here. Colorloop effect doesn’t work.