Anyone using an Ipad to control HA, if so, how do you get it to show only HA?

I am looking at the opportunity to use an Ipad as a remote for HA, but there are some things standing in the way of the best experience. So i wondered if anyone had any experience with it.

  1. Is there a way to disable the lock screen? It is just another unnecessary step, I want it to jump straight into the “main system” when i turn on the screen.
  2. Is there a way to make the ipad mainly use HA, and maybe another app or two? And not jump back into the icon view? Just swipe between the to apps? The “main system” can be accessible through a meny or something. I have tried googling for “kiosk mode”; but that seems to mainly be systems focusing on locking it down for public use, I am just using it for the home and want it to be easier to use as a remote.

Have not tried this myself, but you could look into the kiosk mode / guided access for iPads.

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I tried guided access, but that only works with a single app, and it also seems to block the screen from going to sleep.

I just leave the iPad in the HA companion app, on all the time with no display sleep, but you could always disable the passcode so there is no lock screen. Obviously you wouldn’t want to be logged into iCloud etc on that iPad.

Disabling the passcode sadly does not remove the lock-screen

Oh yeah, I have auto-lock set to ‘Never’ too (under Settings > Display & Brightness)

Yeah, but then the screen doesn’t go off right? That works fine if it is connected to power, but not as well when it runs on battery.

Ah yeah, mine is always on power.