Anyone using chester4444's cc1101-based multical21 water meter reading?

Hi, is anyone here using GitHub - chester4444/esp-multical21: ESP8266/ESP32 decrypts wireless MBus frames from a Multical21 water meter to read their kamstrup multical21 water meter? I’m trying to get it to work, and I’m struggling with the build quality of the CC1101 boards I ordered. Unfortunately I’m setting this up while not being close to the actual water meter yet (preparing it at home before I visit my parents who have the water meter), so I cannot with full certainty say if it technically works or not.
My problem: the serial logs show me that the esp8266 successfully connects to the wifi, and that it does recognize the cc1101 (after 2 tries with faulty modules where it couldnt reach the cc1001), but now the only feedback i get afterwards is a kind-of-random hex value every few seconds, without a line break or anything.
Did anyone else get this setup to work and maybe was in the same situation at a point in time? I’d like to avoid only finding out on short notice that I actually still need to order yet another spare part…


did you manage to get the communication working with multical21?

i got to the stage where the esp communicates with the water meter, but the crc total does not agree (the cc1101 is located next to the water meter)

my logs

[22:57:04][C][wmbus:403]: Available drivers: amiplus, apator08, apator162, apatoreitn, bmeters, c5isf, compact5, dme07, elf, evo868, fhkvdataiii, flowiq2200, hydrocalm3, hydrus, iperl, itron, izar, kamheat, mkradio3, mkradio4, mkradio4a, multical21, qheat, qwater, rfmtx1, sharky774, topaseskr, ultrimis, unismart, vario451
[22:57:10][V][rxLoop:167]: Have 40 bytes from CC1101 Rx, RSSI: -38 dBm LQI: 128
[22:57:10][D][mbus:023]: Processing C1 B frame
[22:57:10][V][mbus:027]: Frame: 25442D2C216735241B168D20B502CB333306C5D2591082B6CF0EDFC7B61916357F0CEFD9995E (38) [with CRC]
[22:57:10][V][mbus:165]: Validating CRC for Block1 + Block2
[22:57:10][D][crc:035]: calculated: 0xBECB, read: 0x995E !!!
[22:57:26][V][rxLoop:167]: Have 40 bytes from CC1101 Rx, RSSI: -38 dBm LQI: 128
[22:57:26][D][mbus:023]: Processing C1 B frame
[22:57:26][V][mbus:027]: Frame: 25442D2C216735241B168D202076FF9E280CCDC262D6A691474C49FF4977260177FB2DF0A79A (38) [with CRC]
[22:57:26][V][mbus:165]: Validating CRC for Block1 + Block2
[22:57:26][D][crc:035]: calculated: 0x2072, read: 0xA79A !!!

any advice?

I didnt use the esphome component at all, and also in the end didnt get the AES key from my watercompany :frowning:

I did get espmultical deployed and running, it found the watermeter and extracted data, but without the code the delivered values for liters, temperature etc are nonesense.

I did play around with the infrared interface, using the pykamstrup python script i found on github, but to turn that into a permanent solution i would have to add something that once a day activates the magnet switch and reads the data.

Long story short: i for now kind of gave up on the topic, but I’m planning to write a longer post about all my findings, to at least document everything that i found in various different github repos and online discussions.

I didn’t have a problem with the waterworks, they gave me a key, but I can’t read the data

In which country are you?
I would recommend using espmultical21 and then just push the data in via mqtt