Anyone using with HomeAssistant?

I have a tablet that will be mounted to the wall to control Home Assistant. While the default interface works, I like the look that Dashing provides more. I see where someone modified it work with OpenHAB and another project where someone was trying to migrate it over to work with Home Assistant, but never finished (

Before I dive into it, is there anyone else already doing this?

I have a working setup yes, but currently on vacation. I’ll be happy to show you what I did when I get back.

I posted a preview a little while ago - since then I have it pretty much complete for my purposes and it is working very well:

Only reason I haven’t posted on it yet is that I will need to write some lengthy docs for it …

Wow! I would love to contribute to this!

I would appreciate a couple of volunteers to struggle through the requirements for Python and ruby to get this installed so I can properly document, then I’ll happily document the rest :grinning:

I volunteer. Mind sharing your code?

Great :slight_smile:

Give me some time to get back home and do some tidy up and some basic docs, and I’ll throw it up on GitHub.

I would like to test this out as well.
It would fit beautifully on the wall.

OK, I just put up details in the My Projects section:

Have at it and let me know how badly it breaks :wink: