Anyone using Google Pixel w/ Android 7.1?

Hi, I’m receiving alerts of various problems with Zanzito on Google’s Pixels with Android 7.1.
Symptoms should be lagging and crashing when the connection is active, but I’m not able to reproduce the problem.
It seems that Android 7.1 might have broken something in the sensors management, but I should perform a few tests: has anyone experienced something similar?
Are you willing to run a few Zanzito test versions to help me pin down the problem?


I have a google pixel on 7.1

I have no idea what zanzito is, but if you need me to test something for you just shout…

You could just install the app and press the big bluish icon to start a connection. Even better if you go to Menu->Preferences->Sensors and select something from the list. If everything goes well, the app doesn’t lag or crash, you are not affected, otherwise I’d send you a modified apk to see if it solves the problem.


It was all fine until I came out of preferences, then it crashed.

I’ve submitted feedback via the development console with logs, which hopefully will help.

Other than that, stick your new apk on an alpha/beta test and invite me, I’ll happily give it a try :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m writing to you…

This wasn’t working for me either until I installed the version you released this morning. Now it looks like it’s working properly!
I do have some other bug reports, do you want me to post them here or is there a different issue tracker?

Yeeeah! Yes, I made some adjustments but there are still some open issues with Pixel/7.1

You can report bugs/issues here, thanks!