Anyone using the Sankey Chart Card?

Hi, unfortunately without success

Thanks for your fast reply and for considering the idea.
And yes it’s either a 2nd method which needs to be supported, or it’s a breaking change.

Or what do you think about adding code modifications to achieve the above, the card does already e.g. add code for passthrough entities, perhaps it could add parents and remove children? :wink:

Cheers and thanks again

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I have read this topic multiple times but can’t seem to fix this crossing/displaying error.
How do I prevent this crossing of the entities and the bottom?

If you use sorting, add sort_group_by_parent. If you don’t use sorting, just manually order the entities in the config however you want


Never thought that it was sorted by the order in the coding…
sorry, I am not a developer…
Iets works!

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