Anyone using Wink *and* a Zwave Stick?

I want to get a few multi sensors, but Wink no longer supports the QuirkySpotter - which was their only multisensor. If I want to use an Aeotec 6 sensor, the only way I’ll get it into HA is with a ZWave stick.

So I was wondering if I could use both in my HA setup. Is this even possible? Has anyone tried this or is using it now?

I don’t really want to move from the Wink hub to just the stick as I just purchased a Wink Relay and I’d really like to actually use it. LOL Being able to use both would give me the greatest flexibility. I also wouldn’t rule out moving a device or two off the WInk Hub and using the Zwave stick instead. Again; if anyone has done this, any advice or experiences you could pass along would be greatly appreciated!

I am using both a stick and Wink. I took my Z-wave devices off of the Wink and put them on the stick. The Wink is mostly controlling devices that I don’t know how to bind to HA, such as my Lutron Caseta switches.

Anything you can tell me that would help me in setting this up? I guess the stick only sees those devices you pair it with, so if I’m just running things that Wink doesn’t support I shouldn’t have any issues right?

Is there anything you’d be willing to share about your experiences in moving devices from the Wink Hub to the ZWave stick or is it really no big deal?

(Thanks for replying; at least I know now that it’s possible!)

This is exactly what I am doing. Only caseta switches on wink.

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Moving from wink hub to zwave was really simple.

I used the wink app to unassociate the motion sensors and then I followed Bruce’s guide on how to pair with a Gen 5 Zwave stick.

Start with disassociation and then normal association process. No overlap.

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Thanks, man - this is a big help to me (and now I’ll have a ZWave stick so I can help you too)!

Haha. For sure!

I found Z-Wave stick and association to be super simple. Just the aftermath, I’m having issues when I go to bed. I need to figure these out!

Forget using Wink for the Lutron. Get a Caseta Pro hub and this will eventually be working. Progress is at Lutron Bridge