Anyone with a Phillips "Hue Bridge"?

Is it normal for the “Hue Bridge” device to share both the “Asus Internet Router” (ASUSWRT) integration AND “Phillips Hue” Integration? I don’t understand how they are related or even how to fix this.

I started looking into this because of an existing strange issue I’m having with my Amazon echo devices intermittently not being able to control Home Assistant devices (synced via Nabu Casa):

Could be they both had the same IP"at separate points in time ? Anyway, I would uninstall the Asuswrt integration, and see if things improve. You can always reinstall it later

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Various devices on my network have both (XYZ WHATEVER) integration - in this case hue and UniFi because all of my devices also have the ability to be tracked by ip on the network and have the network access disabled.

I suspect yours is like this as well OpenWrt is network access and may offer controls to enable/disable/track the device from a network perspective. Its normal.

I have many devices where my Asus is also shown. This maybe because Asus have a device_tracker option so you can see what devices are online. I think that’s the point.

For me I don’t see any issues about this and its fine for me.


Not sure if this is related or not, but I had that very scenario when I used an ESP32 for WLED then later flashed it with ESPHome. I tried to keep the same IP address and both showed up like above.