Anyway to downgrade back to before this latest release?

I have no clue why, but this latest “official” App Store release of the companion app has gone to hell for me. I have new problems popping up everyday with it now. I’d really like to go back to the previous [working] release; is that possible? Can i download that one anywhere?


If you are on iOS 14 (and judging by the other posts you’ve created, you are) you’re more likely facing issues because of bugs in that OS than in the HA app. If you can’t roll back to iOS 13, or wait until (hopefully) we can work around iOS 14 regressions, an older version of the app won’t help: watch actions having an issue is the app crashing in the background (introduced in iOS 14b3), tapping things crashing the web view and causing reloads (b5).

And for the record: there’s no way in the App Store to downgrade releases. You can join the TestFlight beta to have temporary access to older builds for testing, but many versions feature migrations in the database that will not allow downgrading. Nothing before 2020.5 is available there right now, though.

Not sure where you assumed im running IOS 14 (Running IOS 13.6.1 on iphone XS); but i an assure you i am not. This issue started happening immediately after the update.