Anyway to have sensor card have 1 value for graph and another for the text?

Hey was wondering if there is a way to have two different values for the built in sensor card? I made a custom rounded temperature sensor that grabs my nest temp and rounds to .5 and removes the .0 if there is one. Makes for a nice text read out. The issue is though my sensor line is essentially straight without the decimals. I lose out from .1-.4 and .6-.9.

Is there a way without using some Frankenstein combo to have the direct sensor info do the graph and my custom do the text?

The docs suggest not Sensor Card - Home Assistant but you could stack various cards, or look at custom cards.

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How is the readout done? With TTS and a template to put the temperature in the message? Or is it simply a case of asking for the sensor’s value? If the former, just format it in the template instead.

There are a few other things to consider here.

You can now set the precision for a sensor on the frontend, so you can use the raw sensor, but display it nicer.

You can also have two sensors: one for display and one for the readout.

Also sounds to me that you might be missing a unit of measurement somewhere.

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I found the precision option on the sensor that I wasn’t aware of. It seems to be doing the trick. The graph line when I use the info direct from the thermostat is much more pronounced vs my custom sensor that shows minimal change.

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