Anyway to identify rogue zigbee node?

My CC2531 seems to have a mind of its own and I seem to have to reflash it everytime I want to add a new device at the moment. However each time I’ve reflashed it recently a rogue device seems to have appeared/reappeared.

The first one to do this was an IKEA blind I’d tried and failed to pair months ago. It hadn’t showed up for months in my node list in Zigbee2MQTT but as soon as I plugged in the reflashed CC2531 there it was. I couldn’t delete it because it wasn’t an active device and the interview had failed, but putting the blind into pairing mode and bringing it near the CC2531 cleared the device.

Anyway I did a reflash and today a NEW device has showed up which isn’t the blind.

Is there any way I can identify from the IEEE address what the device is or the manufacturer? Again it’s not an active device and the interview has failed so I can’t remove it and I can’t think what it might be.

many thanks