Anyway to reset mqtt database?

I’'ve removed my cell from Known_devices and commented out the discovery option, I’ve also pulled my cell from my WIFI, but HA keeps adding it to my know_devices.yaml. I think it might be pulling it from my MQTT, but the naming is all screwed up. I’d like to reset so I can start fresh. Is there anwway to do that?

If the phone is android…

I presume the iPhone version has something similar.

I believe that HA will always add or re-add devices to the known_devices.yaml file. What I do is to set the track: option to false for those items I don’t want to see or worry about in the future.

  hide_if_away: true
  mac: BT_10:1C:0C:45:0D:DF
  name: Sally's iPad
  track: false

Discovery is not for device tracker and does not affect known devices.

You must have device tracker component enabled. You can just delete the file but it will be recreated. In future you may set track_by_default=false