Anyway to skip the "ramp up" and "ramp down" on a Phillips Hue Bulb (Would like something more "jarring" for an Alarm)"

Hello all,

Does anyone know of anyway to get phillips hue bulbs to move between states in a more aggressive manner. I am wanting to use them in an alarm automation and was hoping there was a way to get them to skip the “ramping behavior”.

In the end, if there is a method, I would like to be able to repeat it based on conditions.

I have found the “flash” property within the light domain but it only seems to flash around 15 times before stopping. And it does seem to stop the ramping behavior. It would be nice if I could get the flashing to repeat beyone that 15 times but whenever I try to do this, it does not seem to work. (If I do a “repeat until” etc. in the actions.

see transition

@nickrout Thank you for helping me again, I will looking into “transition” as you speak of.

Just reviewed your link, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much Nick!!

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