Aoetec Smartthings hub or Sonoff Zigbee Stick

I’m quite new to homeassistant so forgive my ignorance to things that might be obvious to some of you.

I bought a Sonoff Zigbee Stick and at the same time I got a Aeotec Smartthings hub v3 from a friend.
The Stick works as a radio in HA and I thought that I could do the same thing with the Hub. It seems that I can only use the hub via the Smartthings integration in HA.

With the stick I ran into issues with Ikea button battery drainage in 12hours.
And via Smartthings integration the Ikea button only shows battery %. No buttons are available.
The button works well in the Smartthings app but not when integrating it into HA. And the Smartthings app has super basic automation possibilities so I would much rather get it working in HA.

Is it possible to use the hub as hardware in HA? Like a radio to add zigbee devices to or does it only work via the online integration with Smartthings?

Hi @tuffno
The answer to this is, yes.