Apcupsd extra key

I installed the hass apcupsd addon.
The system is running but when the power line is off, 3 minutes after the shutdown is initiated.
I have an UPS with a big battery, the load is very small and I want to initiate the shutdown when the battery is discarded.

I try to modify the configuration.yaml file:

 "extra": [
    {"key": "BATTERYLEVEL", "val": 15},
    {"key": "MINUTES", "val": 5}

I have an configuration error:
“Invalid config for [apcupsd]: [extra] is an invalid option for [apcupsd]. Check: apcupsd->apcupsd->extra. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 106). Please check the docs at https://home-assistant.io/components/apcupsd/

Can anybody help me ?

I am new in home assistant…

Best regards and many thanks in advance !