Apex Chart Y Axis

Hi guys, I have an issue with a new apexcharts graph that I created. The values of the sensors are correct but the Y-axis of the chart counts in 2000’s and my sensors are measuring kWh so I have a situation where the lines are all the way at the bottom of the graph as the values are like 7kWh or 19kWh.

Here is my config:

type: custom:apexcharts-card
  show: true
  - entity: sensor.total_import_from_grid
  - entity: sensor.verster_home_total_energy_today
    curve: straight
update_interval: 30s
graph_span: 2d
cache: true
    show: true
    width: 1

Please if anyone can assist. Thanks

NVM, I managed to solve it with the below config incase anyone else is looking for the same:

    min: 0
    max: 50
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