Api.ai integration

Now there is a well documented component. Took me 10 minutes to set erverything up - thanks for detailed examples. But now i have a question. Is there a way to set up a device to listen constantly? Maybe a Pi with a mic?


How are you using Api.ai?

Well i followed the examples and set up scene control and multimedia control. Tested it by pressing the mic button on the API>AI site. Now i want a device that will work all the time in background catching the magic word to execute commands

API.ai was added as a component in version 0.38

Haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet. The component page does not say anything about always listening. I imagine that would have to be implemented on the api.ai side.

Yes. The only thin needed is some software. Couldn’t find it on the api.ai page. Only a bunch of api’s for integration