API.AI renaming

Well… Looking at the latest commit by @fabaff

Well looks good. Platform renamed - the component name might also need changing. But why push it in rush?
This commit breaks the URL structure which should be set in api.ai console - but there are no notes on that. So…

Before the component name change
After the component name change

Good thing this “bright” idea came soon enough. Logs were empty and voice control was just broken. But still maybe more control should be taken fot the PR’s to be merged? As now and then seems things just get broken because no internal testing is being done. I know this is still beta until 1.0 but still

Nothing requires you to update. I have a HA instance running happily in the low 40s version.

All changes are listed in the release notes for each version. This one is included in 0.57. It should be up with the breaking changes which generally have a bit more info on the why and how of the change but it appears to have been overlooked.

Well yes. But i can imagine your update process you will have to unertake to 0.57 from a “low 0.40” :slight_smile: Might be easier to erase all the config files and automations and start from scratch.

I think you guys will be able to help me, I am using DialogFlow (API.AI) and I am quite happy with it.
However if I ask my Google Home to talk to Home Assistant my google always replies with “Ok, here is the test version of Home Assistant”.
How can I have it set up that it just replies “Ok, here is Home Assistant”

As far as I understood, you will get it’s test version until you publish your app in Google action console.

How do you publish your project in Google Actions?
If you publish it, won’t this become available then for All users (worldwide that use Google Assistant)?

I didn’t publish it for reason you just mentioned.

so yours is also constantly saying “here is the test version of…” ?

Yes, it says the same.

Oh, that’s a setback :frowning: