API data points in dakboard

I wasn’t sure where to put this. I am using API to integrate to HA to Dakboard. I can specify an entity but am looking to select multiple entities in a single block. in Dakboard they see data points and those tie to entity_id’s. Is there somewhere in HA that I can find the entity that will show the data points?

Can you share how you got this to work? I’m trying to make a call to my home assistant instance using the API but keep getting a timeout error. If you could share what you have in your Config file that would very helpful!

bump! How did you get this to work in Dakboard?

I created a long live token for Dakboard to use. Once that is done you create an JSON object and add the url to the state of the object. I don’t have it setup at the moment so i don’t have much more detail. It is annoying because there is really no logic that i could see for the API object numbers.

This guy seems to have documented it.