Api/discovery_info returns response with all fields blank (core-2021.10.6, supervisor-2021.10.6)

Hi Team,

I have some application integrated with Home Assistant and used to call http://HOST:8123/api/discovery_info endpoint to get baseUrl and other properties.

But after updating to Core version core-2021.10.6, Supervisor version supervisor-2021.10.6 when making the same request I’m getting the response with all fields blank…

Maybe somebody has an idea what is wrong? Maybe this is some breaking change?


That endpoint is deprecated.

2021.10.0: Z-Wave S2 support, Tuya, secure ESPHome and 400 new icons - Home Assistant (click “Discovery API”).

Thanks, now it makes sense…

But looking at the documentation I can’t find any hint which to use instead, only As a regular user of Home Assistant, this change should not affect you. - I have a custom add-on developed which is using this API. I’m ready to use something instead, would you please suggest something? I used this API to understand the baseUrl, version of Home Assistant - is there some new API that can be used?


I don’t think there’s any replacement. Had the same problem in remote_homeassistant so I added a custom view exposing the information I needed. Downside is that the integration must be installed on the remote instance, the plus side is that I can easily extend with more information when needed (e.g. things not in the public API). It’s a bit different compared to an add-on but can be solved in a similar fashion.

Homeassistant version is available via the /info endpoint:

(also /core/info).

Awesome! Thanks for help Pierre!

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