API Legrand for Bticino Smarther thermostat

Hello to all,
has anyone managed to integrate the Bticino Smarther thermostat into Home Assistant using only the APIs that Legrand provides?
I saw that in Open Hab they did it, maybe the link can help.

Thank you!

Maybe the method from this post works for you:

No, I want to connect my thermostats to Hassio only via API, I have no gateway.
Like they did on OpenHab.

are you been able to manage this integration?

Iโ€™m very interested too.

Thank you!

Unfortunately no, Iโ€™m not able โ€ฆ

Nobody has this device and the ability to integrate it?

I do it. But not yet released

Wow thanks! Only with API? Without any gateway? When is the release scheduled?

I @Sdomotica_Automation Iโ€™m interested in the home assistant plugin you have created. Itโ€™s already available?

Iโ€™m ending the final test and is a mqtt gateway running standalone in our Sdomotica Dietpi custom image.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:

So it should not be installed on Home Assistant Core but you need to have another device with your image?

If Iโ€™m not mistaken DietPi is an OS for the PI Boards right?
Because in this post I ask for another thing, the integration directly into Home Assistant Core with the APIs provided by Legrand.
Without having to use external gateways.
Your integration is very nice, but, if I have to use a PI Board, itโ€™s not what I asked for with this post.

At the beginning yes, but we are working on a hassio addon, but is out of scope of your question. Please wait another developer who build a custom component for your case.


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funziona anche con btcino smarther 2?

Buonasera. Io vorrei far scrivere i dati di temperatura e umiditร  su Google Sheets. รˆ possibile?

Saluti :slight_smile:

Con Nodered, leggi i dati Mqtt del mio Gateway e poi li scrivi su google.


Great work. Any further developments re. integrating this into HA core? Iโ€™m not really interested in yet another device i.e. gateway to access my thermostat. Itโ€™s just another thing to go wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Sdomotica is altready avaiable as distro and HA core with the gateway mqtt.
The limit is that is avaiable only for RPI3.
If you intend a custom component no. The autentication with Legrand cloud is hard to do with a custom component.

Damn. I have the Home assistant Blue (Odroid)