Api manager is unavailable

Updated my ios app to 2.0. I woked just fine, until now.
I tried to get my battery sensor to work, followed the migration page (https://companion.home-assistant.io/en/getting_started/migration.html).
I think I made a mistake when I removed the mobile app from intergations, because now when I loged out and in again on the ios app I get a red banner at top say: ha api manager is unavailable.
I also just updated HA to 103.0

I try to put my ip manually (on external, I’m at work right now), get the error: cant create API URL.

Now I have no clue what to do

If you mistakenly deleted the mobile app integration, you need to go into app settings and at the bottom hit reset - then close the app and on opening again it’ll run through setup again.