API Password deprecated on sonoff4chpro

I have a small problem with the resent update. I did a clean install of HA a few months ago an added all components back in. The Sonoff Pro I’m using works fine but does not show in the ESPHome as a device. Now with update I see that the API Password is deprecated. How can I login to the Sonoff Pro to resolve the issue if it is not in the ESPHome as a device?

Do I need to hookup a usb cable or can I login some how of my network ?


I assume you have flashed to ESPHome? I have Sonoff 4ch pro but with no API password
does it show up on the network? can you see it from the router?
did you set up a fixed ip address?
fall back AP?

Yes it has been flashed and running for a few months. I can see it on my network with a static IP. I did setup a fall back AP but don’t remember what it is.

To clarify; do you have the node already set up in ESPHome dashboard? With the original YAML? Is it just not showing as connected? Is it showing up in integrations?

It was setup in the dashboard before I reinstalled Home Assistant. It is not there now.

It does show in my integrations.

@Dayve67 do you have the yaml?

if you don’t you are stuffed…connect with serial and flash a new yaml

if you do …set up a new device with the previous yaml …i forget but if it is same name it should link… I think…

I do not have the yaml file
I just did some digging and found this yaml file in the ESPHome folder. Think this may help ?

@Dayve67 Indeed if the worst comes to the worse you have a file if you need serial flash. And you have the AP password! I am guessing that you create a new node in ESPHome using this file as your yaml for the new entity. See whether it now connects. Somebody might know whether that will work

You can just ignore the api password deprecation.