API Timeout changed? No continuous curves, only dots

today I noticed strange curves originating from all my mobile, battery-powered devices. These devices feature multiple sensors, they are online for about 20s, followed by a deep-sleep of 10-15 minutes.

Until yesterday, the output curves were all continuous. Now I only see dots instead of a continuous curve. This applies to all sensor outputs of these mobile devices, USB-powered devices are online 100% of the time, these curves are still continuous. Here is an example of a battery voltage:

While I do not mind the curves that much, the values in the dashboard disappear after the device goes offline (deep-sleep), thus, most of the time I now find ‘unknown’:

Any hints appreciated, I did not change anything in my configuration. I am sure it is something simple, but I did not find anything in this forum or online,



EDIT Title: It dawned to me, that this may be an API timeout issue, not a sensor timeout issue.
EDIT2: It seems to be the same issue as in Value not showing with Deep Sleep mode in latest update?. I overlooked that.

This issue should be fixed with Fix state being cleared on disconnect with deep sleep esphome devices by bdraco · Pull Request #90925 · home-assistant/core · GitHub.

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