Api webhook 409 Nginx url error

I honestly can’t rememeber one time I did an HA upgrade without something breaking :frowning: it’s sad, and its probably my fault but this is the reality.

Today when I was looking at my HA I noticed that HACS was no longer working, needed the version 0.110.x which I did a small prayer and updated. Off course has I was expecing something break :frowning:

I’m using my HA behind a NGINX proxy, and noticed that a bunch of 409’s we’re showing up and the app on my iPhone was slugish… Looking at the logs all the 409’s seem related to API requests: - - [07/Jun/2020:17:51:24 +0100] "POST /api/webhook/<something> HTTP/2.0" 409 115 "-" "Home%20Assistant/69 CFNetwork/1125.2 Darwin/19.4.0" - - [07/Jun/2020:17:51:24 +0100] "POST /api/webhook/<something>HTTP/2.0" 409 115 "-" "Home%20Assistant/69 CFNetwork/1125.2 Darwin/19.4.0"

After some minor investigation it seemed to be only one of the phones. The other works fine, tried to logout and login and not I’m seeing the error can’t build api url

Its so frustrating, that everytime I try to upgrade I get so many issues :frowning: specially when the Wife is trying to use it and things break…

Any help?


Ok after reseting everything I managed to connect again. But that device keeps throwing a bunch of 409s on the nginx logs :frowning:

It gets even weirder - - [07/Jun/2020:18:30:58 +0100] "POST /api/webhook/e46a12fcef0f16be47819075526fd78b471caa1b7050625268f4ca9df210a00c HTTP/2.0" 409 115 "-" "Home%20Assistant/69 CFNetwork/1125.2 Darwin/19.4.0" - - [07/Jun/2020:18:30:58 +0100] "POST /api/webhook/e46a12fcef0f16be47819075526fd78b471caa1b7050625268f4ca9df210a00c HTTP/2.0" 200 2 "-" "Home%20Assistant/69 CFNetwork/1125.2 Darwin/19.4.0"

Sometimes it gets 409, other times it gets 200 same phone. The only thing that changes is the bytes sent, where the 409 is 115 bytes and the 200 is 2 bytes…

This is wrecking my brain :frowning:

Seems it might be related to https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/36455 not sure…