Api webhook address

Hey all,

I am using ifttt to pass comands from google to home assistant. not going to lie i fumbled my way though so far. I am using api/services/light/toggle? but is it possible to use an explicit on or off instead of toggle. what should it look like.

Also side note is there a good guide to use dialogflow? It seems like it would be much better but i am struggling with it.

Have you tried light/turn_on or turn_off ?

These helped me when I was trying to set up IFTTT with HA

The simplest way to find out which services are available for each domain is to look in the services tab under developer tools in the left menu of the web ui.

If you choose light for the domain you can see the services available are toggle, turn_on and turn_off

So just to clarify, under the services for example i wanted to use homeassistant.restart i would use http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8123/api/services/homeassistant/restart?api_password=xxxxxxxx

Is that correct? replace the . with a /?

also found this link found it helpful as well