App alwasy says wrong CA

Getting it for few weeks after updating to latest HA. I can just click anywhere and it gies away but getting back after few seconds, very annoying!
What can i do about it? My certificates are perfectly fine, web works

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The CA being trusted depends on the Android device. To get rid of the pop-up you’ll need to use a trusted CA that your device recognizes. Web is treated differently than Android APIs so it is expected to see a difference.

I just use letsencrypt, how is that not trusted?

Might be the method used, I use certbot and don’t have any issues. It all depends on the device and the CA that it trusts. The app cannot solve our bypass the error.

I also use certbot, there is nothing different… any idea what can cause it?

I see now that it also happens if i set the nabu casa url. So its definatly not something with the ca

Click on settings in the pop-up and go to show and share logs and let’s see what the failure is just to confirm.

06-17 20:44:11.236 17055 17055 E WebviewActivity: onReceivedSslError: primary error: 3 certificate: Issued to:

error 3 is:

It looks like you are trying to use the SSL certificate on a local IP but that will not be valid so it will not work:

06-17 20:44:11.236 17055 17055 E WebviewActivity:  on URL:

Hmmm… thats an ip of a camera… is this what causing it? An entity?

if it displayed in the frontend, it could be…the app is still functional it seems according to the logs as I can see the external bus connecting. But if its trying to load something not valid then it might give that error. If you take that camera out of view does the error go away?

Yeah that was it… just a wrongly configured camera entity… thanx!!!

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