App connect to windows Home assistant via duckdns

Hello all,

New to homeassistant, but not home automation.

I’m running homeassistant as a windows service and have basic controls working with the iOS app when I’m connected to my local network.

I’d like to be able to use the app for location tracking when out and about and not connected to my local network.

I have a duckdns account and port forwarding setup on my router but not sure how to setup the windows homeassistant program to use security certificates.

What I’ve read seems to point to running on raspberry pi (I assume does not run on Windows?).

Thanks for any help or pointing me towards any tutorials for windows based services.

have you tried updating the ssl fields in the http component?

The problem is more that I don’t know how to auto generate and auto renew security certificates on the windows platform.

The instructions are awesome for those running on a raspberry pi platform, but I haven’t come across anything for those of us running on a Windows 7 platform :slight_smile:

I’m terribly new to all things http so encryption is a bit of a black box for me :slight_smile:

I only use nginx on Ubuntu myself, but you can use an acme client listed on this page and it should make it easier.

Either the browser based one’s or the windows options.

You may have to script it in windows and run a scheduled task to bring down HA, renew the certificate, and then bring HA back up.