App constantly freezing: need to kill and restart


Lately the app for Android is constantly freezing on me, prompting the android system to show the kill or wait pop up; usually waiting does nothing, so I choose kill and restart the app. This fixes the problem momentarily, but soon after it is the same. On the server side all seems fine.

This annoy me greatly because I rely on the phone precise position sensor for few automations, and when it is in this freezing state, automation would not trigger.

I’ve tried emptying cache and reinstalling the app, but I had no luck fixing the issue. I’ve already experienced this issue this summer, but it seems to be fixing itself in a reasonable amount of time. Now it start bothering me.

Do you have experienced any of this?

check that android system webview and/or chrome are up to date. Next step after that is to look at app configuration logs

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That happens to me to when I loose mobile connection or it’s very poor.

I checked for app update and done whatever was pending, but there were no update for system webview or chrome/brave.

For good measure I also rebooted the phone and… That fixed it!

I feel pretty dumb now and ready to be flogged… “have you turned off and on” is the first thing I ask to friends and family when they had issue with stuff. I fell victim of my own hubris :sob: