App for chromebook


i am using a chromebook quite often. For this is use the standard android app. It works partly:

  1. the icons look strange

In the terminal window, i get each letter twice if i press one key on the keyboard.

  1. and more funny things

Is a chromebook adjusted version present? Or planned?


what you are seeing is still the HA frontend and more than likely the webview instance of chrome OS may not be up to date and I don’t think you can update it. Not much the app can do here as we do not control the HA frontend.

What does it look like when you use Chrome Browser?

Hello xbmcnut,
Chrome works.


Then may I suggest Fully Kiosk Browser? I use that now on an Android tablet but I’m moving to a Chromebook shortly and will be leveraging that again.

Fully kiosk also uses WebView which would also be susceptible to the same frontend issues the user is seeing with the companion app.

it now works with the app.

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How did you install the HA app on Chrome OS? I am using Chrome OS Flex, so that might be the issue. It doesn’t have access to PlayStore.


my chromebook has full access to the Google Playstore and there the Home Assistant app is available and now working.
If you dont have the Playstore, try F-Droid. On my smartphone, i find there the Home Assistant app too.


Thanks Frank. I am trying to convert a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is where the issue is. I used Chrome OS Flex which does not have the PlayStore. I am now trying Chromium,