App freezing with 2 local calendars

I reckon this is a really specific issue. But I found out the Home Assistant App(or the mobile view of the web page) is freezing when trying to access the calendar view. This only happens when 2 local calendars are configured, I tried disabling one of them and it works, but as soon as 2 local calendars co-exist, opening the calendar view means the app becomes unusable, and I have to force quit the app from the settings and open it again. Is there any way to solve this?

does this happen in chrome for android on the same device?

I should probably open a separate issue on this, however I do have the, somewhat, same issue. The difference is that I have multiple caldav calenders as well. One local calendar. The app freezes on both android mobile and tablet, as well as iPhone. Using the browser on a pc works as is should. Maybe memory issue?

Same here. On PC works on phone calendars are empty and app struggles.

Recommend that this is merged with #15094