APP Integration in Homeassistant Docker Container

At the moment it is not possble to install HA Apps when HA is installed in an Docker Container.
In am running HA on my Syslogy NAS as Docker Container an I dont want to use a extra Hardware.
Why are HA-Apps not available in Docker Images? This make no sense.

If possibe, please add this feature to HA on Docker Containers!

I’m assuming you are talking about Add-ons?

If so it will never happen.

add-ons, tho similar to regular to docker containers, aren’t the same as regular docker containers. They are docker containers that have been modified to be installed/configured/maintained by the HA Supervisor. So they can’t work in a regular docker install because there is no supervisor.

And that’s the biggest (but most important) difference between add-ons and regular containers. You can get exactly the same functionality by installing the equivalent regular containers yourself.

When using HA Container it’s assumed you can install and configure docker containers yourself.