App logout on every phone reboot or app upgrade

Hello community, I’m facing an annoying issue on app since I changed my phone (now I have Sansung Galaxy S22U).

Every time I need to reboot my phone or HA app is upgraded by store, or simply I close it, I need to login again. Regarding close the app I solved keeping it always open, but still got login issue after phone reboot or HA app got updated.

Every time I have to fill address, name, password, otp… and that’s very annoying, even because I tried everything to address such issue. Clear cache/data, uninstall/install app, give it all permissions, and so on.

Could someone address me to a root cause? Previous phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+) didn’t suffer from this issue.

Thank you

Check that either default_config: or mobile_app: is in your Configuration.yaml

If one of them is, then try following these steps: Troubleshooting | Home Assistant Companion Docs

if that fails get the companion app logs immediately after logging back into the app

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Hi, thank you for fast reply, none of these are present in HA configuration.yaml
I checked the documentation there and it just report to add:


Is it ok? Anything else?
Thank you

yup thats fine, it was either or…default_config would be easier to enjoy newly added HA features.

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Thank you very much! Now after reboot I don’t have to login again!!! :heart_eyes: