App on Android: no notifications on mobile (cellular) network

Hi, on LAN notifications (sound & message) arrive immediately but nothing when connected from WAN.
Connection to HA is OK, I see live streams from cams and can control everything but that’s it.

Any idea what I can check? (am not that familiar with Android)

notifications use firebase which is a google service, are you sure the notifications aren’t being delayed instead? do they show up when you turn on the screen or open the app?

I have this issue, they are delayed and once I open the app the messages come in. Is there someway to change this. I have 2 android devices and it does it on one, pixel 3, and works fine on a nexus 9 tablet.

First make sure the app has proper access to run in the background and disable battery optimization. Then you want to follow the first Android example here

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They come through now, thank you. How can I add click action to call an app?

I figured out

alias: Notify pixel 3
  - service: notify.mobile_app_pixel_3
      message: test message
      title: test title
        ttl: 0
        priority: high
        clickAction: app://
mode: single

The message comes through but no action, I’m guessing the HA app needs additional permissions? I went into all permissions but nothing stood out to me.

Edit: So click_action has been changed to clickAction

See here for more options:

Hi @dshokouhi, thank you for your quick response!

Notifications don’t come at all, even with focus on the app and displaying the live image of a cam.
When switching to LAN (wifi) they arrive immediately…

Maybe your mobile provider is blocking firebase?

You really think that this can be the reason?
The provider used is one of the biggest here so that would surprise me.
I thought that maybe I have rejected/blocked something but don’t now if that makes sense and if there is a difference in being connected to WAN vs. LAN for this.

Do you have any clue how I can check out whether that’s the cause or do you know any other app that uses firebase so I can test it?

notifications use firebase which is a google service, more on that here:

with that said we have heard of it being blocked before but thats more on a country basis, here I am just saying what can be the reason. If it works on your network then that might be a different ISP, mobile provider is a possibility because the notification makes no distinction between being home or not. It goes to one location and gets sent to you from that same location everytime.

maybe try clearing data in the app and log back in to see if that corrects it?

No difference after clearing data…
Any other ideas?