App sensors become disabled a couple minutes after enabling them

After going into the Companion App and enabling some of the sensors, they show up in the Entities tab of HA as expected but then a minute or so later the entities disappear and they show as disabled in the app again.

Additionally, in the app’s sensor settings the entity states show the information I would expect, but in the browser each of the sensors say “This entity is unavailable”. The entry for my phone in the Devices tab says “The device is disabled by Config entry”. I’ve confirmed there’s nothing in my configuration.yaml that should affect this.

This is an instance of Home Assistant running in a VM. The app is installed on Android (Pixel 5). Both HA and the app are up to date. The logs show entries related to webhook calls for enabling these sensors, but no errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

yes they become disabled for about 30 seconds or more then become enabled again, thats expected.

Mine don’t seem to be re-enabling. I tried enabling some a few hours ago and they still show as disabled.

First try to refresh the page as sometimes values may appear stuck. If you see any sensor stuck on unknown state that’s a known issue. For the other sensors check Settings > Companion App > Troubleshooting > Show and share logs and look for an error possibly containing your IP address. Do you see any?

Also if you enabled the sensor from HA core make sure to grant permissions on teh app side. it takes about 15 minutes for the app to be notified of a sensor being enabled from HA core.

There were no errors in the logs. The app had all permissions allowed, and no changes.

That being said, I deleted the device from HA and deleted the server from the app and set it back up from scratch. Redoing that seems to have fixed the issue.